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Inspiring Ideas, Engineering Futures

The Southwire Engineering Academy (SWEA) is a cooperative education program currently offered to 20 juniors and seniors in the Carrollton High School STEM program. Combining a focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics with hands-on experience and mentoring, SWEA empowers, inspires and prepares students for futures in engineering.


SWEA student teams are selected by school officials and demonstrate achievement in core STEM subject areas. To enhance the learning experience, these junior engineers spend part of the day at school and two class periods at Southwire's headquarters in Carrollton, GA.

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Junior engineers earn class credit while at the Southwire facility. Guided by Southwire lead project engineers, they also gain valuable hands-on experience using traditional engineering principles and critical thinking skills to solve manufacturing and product development challenges.

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As they plan for post-secondary education, SWEA teams not only enhance achievement in science, technology, engineering and mathematics ,they also learn valuable workplace skills – from project management and teamwork to measuring and reporting performance against projected goals. In addition to helping determine a student's overall grade in SWEA, these attributes are key to better preparing junior engineers for a more successful career.

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