The Curriculum

Introduced in the 2011-2012 school year, the Southwire Engineering Academy curriculum was developed by Carrollton City Schools, Georgia STEM and Southwire Company. Much like STEM, SWEA focuses on critical thinking, problem solving and exploratory learning within a technical setting.

Academic Achievement, Hands-On Experience

For two semesters each year, SWEA's junior engineers attend school in the morning and the equivalent of two class periods at Southwire's headquarters in the afternoon. There, they are organized into teams and assigned to a Southwire project engineer and lead project engineer. These serve as supervisors for the duration of the semester, setting expectations and deadlines, monitoring progress and leading the teams' daily work around manufacturing and product development tasks.

Whether applying root-cause analysis to improve production line efficiencies or identifying the correct mathematical formula to help utilities reduce waste by calculating how much wire is left on a partial reel, the teams gain hands-on experience, while learning to work quickly, efficiently and accurately to solve today's top business challenges.

Measuring Success

The junior engineer's grade is determined by both academic and on-the-job performance. At the beginning of the semester, teams are given an overview of their tasks, along with specific goals and deadlines. Twice per semester, each student is required to give a walkthrough presentation to his or her project engineer, Southwire's management team, school officials and other teams. These include reviews of performance against projected goals, key project findings and next steps, all of which are used to determine the overall grade for each student.

To learn more about the Southwire Engineering Academy curriculum, eligibility and requirements, contact us.

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