How It Works

Implementing the SWEA Model

Today's demand for engineering, science, technology and mathematics — plus a constant supply of real-world business challenges — make SWEA a effective and sustainable model for both businesses and schools.

By implementing the Southwire Engineering Academy (SWEA) model, both schools and businesses use the skill sets and resources they already have to benefit the local community:

STEM Educators & Department of Education Personnel

SWEA is a STEM-based program, so there is an established and successful, yet flexible, curriculum already in place. Educators use the skills and resources to enhance the high school experience and get students prepared for their futures.

Local Businesses & Community Leaders

Businesses can also apply existing resources when partnering with schools to implement the SWEA model. Not only do companies benefit from academically motivated youth who positively impact the business, they also are helping create future community leaders.

Together, we can inspire students to reach for a successful future.

Ask us how you can develop a successful, STEM-based cooperative internship program in your community.

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