Southwire Gives Back

The Spirit of Giving Back

From its beginnings in the 1950s, Southwire Company has been a pioneer in extending services and opportunities to the communities where it operates. It started with Southwire founder Roy Richards, Sr., a wire and cable manufacturing entrepreneur who always looked out for others in the spirit of giving back.

Founder Roy Richards:
A Commitment to Community

In fact, while founding the business, a key motivation for Richards was bettering the quality of life of his grandmother, who had never enjoyed electricity in her home. While it took some time to meet that goal, Richards never lost sight of it, nor did he lose sight of others in his community who desperately needed electricity — and opportunity.

As the company grew, Richards maintained a commitment to upgrade the workforce in the community by building skills, educating and providing work opportunities for rural workers. It was a legacy he passed to his son, Roy Richards, Jr. A strong supporter of education in his own right, Roy Richards, Jr., was a founder of the Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education and supported many local education efforts, helping direct internships, apprenticeships and outreach initiatives.

Supporting & Strengthening Local Schools

Southwire has always made education a priority and was among the first businesses in Georgia to require a high school diploma to work in the business. Additionally, Southwire helped by opening an employee learning center to offer a variety of skills to its workers to help them continue learning and growing. The company also partnered with Carroll County Schools to develop 12 for Life, an innovative cooperative education program that places students considering dropping out of school in real jobs at Southwire, helping them stay in school.

A New Partnership:
Southwire Engineering Academy

The Southwire Engineering Academy is a natural extension of Southwire's lifelong commitment to giving back. Developed in close partnership with Carrollton City Schools and Georgia STEM, SWEA works to encourage academic achievement in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, while providing hands-on engineering experience and mentoring opportunities.

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